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While hardwood flooring is universally loved, everybody’s idea of an elegant look is unique. The factor that turns hardwood into an intimate, personal statement is color. Mediterranean CollectionTM hardwood flooring takes this art to a new level, with 31 on-trend tones passionately mixed. How can you possibly choose among so many beautiful options? We’ve organized our stains into six distinctive color groups to help. Each group is artfully named and complemented by suggestive visuals to help you connect emotionally. Starting at the group level, compare the overall feel, imagining how it complements your personal vision. With a preferred group identified, choose among a range of meticulously mixed expressions of the overall color to dial in precisely. Lighter or darker, uniform or bringing extra emphasis to French Oak’s grain, the perfect color appears in a moment of epiphany—and our Mediterranean Collection becomes your perfect floor. Peruse the many stains of the Mediterranean Collection and color your world beautifully.
Natural warmth fresh off the farm.

Today’s hottest looks veer light and airy—
here are the light, inviting Neutrals to transport you there.
Embrace sophisticated, clean and simple.
Bring warmth and taste home.

As easy to wake up to as breakfast in bed, our Toast color family
oers earthy warmth with expressions of light gray and taupe.
A perfect pairing to turn living spaces elegant and inviting.
Driftwood grays.

There’s no way to feel neutral about coastal beauty ranging
from rugged to graceful. Sky, ocean and weathered
wood grays evoke modern elegance.
Grays beautifully grounded.

The enticing gray-brown coloration of our Earthy Gray family
evokes natural warmth—a new on-trend look to inspire
sophisticated interiors.
Deep tones. Sophistication that’s deeply emotive.

For welcoming spaces that make every day feel special, our deepest family of colors
blends midnight grays and jewel-like bronze tones. As evocative as they are luxurious,
these hardwood tones bring sophistication to every space.
Brown traditionals. Classic design perfected.

For many homeowners, hardwood is all about colors that instantly say, “home.”
We’ve perfected the art here with a family of browns that embrace mid-tone
tradition and emanate livable warmth. Find your perfect color.
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